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Recently, I was gifted a few more Arc’teryx bags to mess around with and test out: 3 different sizes, three different colors. The first one I opened up first was the Carrier Duffle 40, a solid duffle bag, fully waterproof and holds up to, you guessed it, 40L. The other two bags are the Carrier Duffle 55, and the Carrier Duffel 80. I first used the 40L as a carry on bag on a quick weekend tour of music and it worked fairly well, but for that type of trip, I still prefer my Arc’teryx carryon. But what I’ve found is that the Carrier Duffle has now morphed into my ideal soccer gear bag. It’s perfect as it holds all I need, looks great (unlike my personal soccer skills) and it’s completely waterproof… which comes in real handy when you play soccer in the Pacific Northwest; We play ALL seasons, and through all sorts of weather, much of the Winter being rain, but even the occasional snow, so knowing that my warm clothes to change into afterwards are going to remain dry is worth a lot.

Speaking of snow, I also passed along the larger of the bags to a friend of mine, Micayla Gatto, a former National Champion in Mountain Biking, and artist, and also just a solid overall adventurer! She’s recently moved to Sweden, probably just to test out her arc’teryx bag I’m sure, and I’ve asked her to give me her thoughts on the bag, so here she is:
“This bag has travelled across the world with me. A few of my favourite features include the convertible and adjustable padded straps for easy carrying either cross-body duffle style, or over-the-shoulders as a backpack.  It’s also waterproof. Which is awesome. I’ve thrown it in the snow with spare clothes and jackets when I’m cross country skiing, kept it in the back of my truck in the rain when I’m out trail riding, and am planning on using it as a dry bag while camping and surfing in Tofino. It’s most recent journey has been from Vancouver to Sweden. Super durable, the 80L bag is an “everything but the kitchen sink” sort of deal.  To be honest I actually have trouble filing it on most weekend getaways. Yesterday I filled it with my hiking boots, snowboard boots, helmet, mitts, goggles, pants, puffy, jacket, change of clothes and still had ample room. It’s rounded, sack-like shape allows for it to mould to whatever is inside, making it easier to fill every available space.  It’s also super light and packs down to nearly nothing: an added bonus if you’re travelling.

The only cons I have for this bag? It’s almost too big.  When filled, it is not a joy to carry around. No real structure makes it pretty awkward to pick up, and no wheels makes it a back-breaker should you stuff it full and plan to walk for more than a few hundred metres. When stuffed, I would compare it to trying to carry around a golden retriever. It’s also has no inner compartments, so clothes tend to slide around and unfold, and it’s not ideal for compartmentalizing things like underwear and phone chargers.  In the future I would buy the smaller size. It would hold what I needed without all the extra room, and would still be big enough for gear like helmets and harnesses.

That being said, it’s an amazing bag if you just want to throw a bunch of gear in it and go. It practically lives in the trunk of my car with all of my adventure essentials stuffed in it.  From climbing gear and snowboard boots, to wetsuits and bike helmets, this bag is the perfect gear bag for your next adventure.”


This is not Micayla, but her boyfriend. And apparently he is willing to carry the kitchen sink :P

here’s a blurry image of my bag all ready for a quick tour.












(But you should follow Micayla and all her adventures on instagram here!)


So in short, I agree, not the ideal bag for a traditional business trip, BUT if your business is ADVENTURE, you may need one of these bags… After all, that’s what these bags were made for, so put them to good use!

Happy travels and many adventures, talk soon!


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