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I’ve having a BOOK SALE! And just in time for Black Friday, or just in time for Christmas, or just in time to sort out that super messy packing friend of yours before their next vacation… or worst of all, before you two go on vacation or tour together and you have to deal with all their crap, migrating into your personal space within minutes of leaving!

BIG SIDE NOTE: I like to call this “expanding disorder” and I know it well. The tour bus life can sound pretty luxurious to most, but let me tell you something, it’s not, UNLESS there are added bus rules to help maintain everyone’s sanity. When I say added bus rules, I mean there are always two universal rules when on a tour bus:

1. Sleep with you feet facing the front of the bus.
2. No “number two” on the bus. (Ironic that it’s rule #2?)

The added rules can vary but in general, I’m referring to general cleanliness rules. And even if everyone in your band is ok with leaving clothes, old stinky food and anything else you can think of on the ground, your bus driver will no be. They clean the bus daily and care about their baby. Your band and your driver is an important relationship to maintain, trust me.

I’m getting super sidetracked here I know, but first I must remind you that expanding disorder is a real thing, my old tour manager had it and when it goes diagnosed (as it often does) it can be detrimental to the health of others around, especially while in tight spaces. Luckily for me, Tegan and Sara and the rest of the band, we made sure to keep our TM on track and aware of his disorder, and by doing that we were all made more aware of our own abilities to expand with our own belongings as well. This was good. Healthy living within a healthy band life. Do you get how important it is yet? Anywho…

So now that you know all of this, I will now take it back to the main point of this blog… My book is on sale right now for less than $10! Give it to your friends, give it you your bandmates, give it to your family! Let’s all help each other to learn a better way to pack, to be organized, to laugh at the silliness and cleverness of this book, to impress our guests with the best coffee table book around, or most of all, to be considerate to all those around you! :P

$10 for a great book! …(Unfortunately shipping is on top of that but I’m only charging you what the post office charges me, or actually less in some cases cause I can’t justify saying it’s that much even though it is… stupid expensive postal service :(

Not a ton of these books left out there, each one is basically a limited edition version so get them while you can!

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