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Packing Inspiration

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Sometimes you just need to see a fun little video of other people packing to inspire you to start your own pack, am I right?! So here you, and keeping with the old school video game music in the background, please enjoy the wonderful music from Bubble Bobble. Side note, I wake up to this song in my head more often than any other song, no clue why, but this is true. And now that you know a touch more, please enjoy this video of me, your friend Shaun, packing a few things and creating order and pleasure for all. Well, at least creating it for me in this pack, but hopefully inspiring you on your next ;)


A hidden storage bunker meets the Best Baby Announcement Ever

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A hidden storage bunker meets the best baby announcement ever is quite the bizarre title, I’ll admit it. I’ll also admit that I’m tying two somewhat separate things into this post, but stick with me. In fact, maybe to start off it’s best if you have a quick look at this 48 second long video I made recently about the announcement of my upcoming child (so yes, I’m super bias and I even called my own baby announcement the best baby announcement ever :P). But you can still trust me when I say IT’S WORTH WATCHING,

…even more so if you like old Nintendo games and Man United ;)

Ok ok, so now that you’ve seen that, I can properly set up my advice on how to unlock that secret hidden bunker deep without your suitcase where you can hide, or banish the clothes, books, souvenirs or whatnot that you don’t want to have to deal with again! So just like the tiny jersey was hiding deep withing the women’s jersey with the black sock arms, the same idea can be done in your suitcase! Aside from the fact that the Fold and File method, aka the Rock Star Method would have had a whole row of clothes sitting upright and vertically packed on top of the small jersey (key to this style of packing), it all ties together… i swear?!

While on the road, it’s inevitable that you are going to have something in your pack that you only need access to occasionally. Whether you finished your book in the first week, or you bought a souvenir, you’ll need to find a place to stash it where it won’t get in the way. By now you should know that the trick behind the Rock Star Pack is having everything in full view where you can see it at all times. Well in this case, that may not be entirely true. By under- standing the concept of this pack, you’ll see that it’s possible to create a hidden bunker underneath your clothes that never has to see the light of day. Use this to your advantage!


Books are simple to pack when you place them spine up and in a row, nestled between your clothing. Another effective use for a book is to utilize it as a divider; Try segregating your quasi-clean clothes from your actual cleans with that Lonely Planet book you finished last week.

The same concept can be used with all the CDs you purchase along the road. Separate your white tees from your blue jeans while protecting your newly acquired Springsteen CD. Okay, no one buys CDs anymore I know, but what about adding a new 45 to your vinyl collection?

Another option is to temporarily remove a complete row or two and pack away the “why-did-I-bring-these” items along the bottom as a subfloor. If you’re just tucking a few books underneath, you won’t notice much of a difference in height, but if you are taking a parka on tour with you to Brazil, be prepared for more of a challenge.


So there you go, I tied it all together just fine, right? Ok it’s maybe a weak connection but I bet you still learned something. And to finish, here are some bonus excerpts from the How To Pack book where I’ve asked a bunch of musicians a certain question in regards to what we’re talking about. Hope you enjoy it!


Q. Have you ever bought a souvenir that you immediately regretted due to space it took up in your pack?

KATHRYN CALDER _ THE New Pornographers

A. I once bought 5 bottles of really nice duty-free olive oil as Christmas presents at the Madrid airport in Spain. I lugged them the whole convoluted long trek to my gate, onto the plane, up into the overhead luggage compartment (I was also carrying my laptop, accordion, and my regular bag) only to immediately lose it to the security guards at Chicago O’Hare airport once I landed. I didn’t put it into my checked luggage in the 30 seconds that I saw my luggage after customs, and olive oil is of course a liquid. The good news: I made my connecting flight (barely), but the olive oil had to stay behind.


A. I always buy clothes in Tokyo when we tour there. Sometimes it means wearing a few extra layers onto the plane if you can’t fit everything in your suitcase!


A.The key to good packing is having minimal pieces. I leave with two bags. I return with 4-6. FaIL

ZAC FARRO _ Paramour

This happens to me all the time, I leave tour with a half empty suitcase and by the end I have little to no room left.


Adventure Time – ARC’TERYX bag review

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Recently, I was gifted a few more Arc’teryx bags to mess around with and test out: 3 different sizes, three different colors. The first one I opened up first was the Carrier Duffle 40, a solid duffle bag, fully waterproof and holds up to, you guessed it, 40L. The other two bags are the Carrier Duffle 55, and the Carrier Duffel 80. I first used the 40L as a carry on bag on a quick weekend tour of music and it worked fairly well, but for that type of trip, I still prefer my Arc’teryx carryon. But what I’ve found is that the Carrier Duffle has now morphed into my ideal soccer gear bag. It’s perfect as it holds all I need, looks great (unlike my personal soccer skills) and it’s completely waterproof… which comes in real handy when you play soccer in the Pacific Northwest; We play ALL seasons, and through all sorts of weather, much of the Winter being rain, but even the occasional snow, so knowing that my warm clothes to change into afterwards are going to remain dry is worth a lot.

Speaking of snow, I also passed along the larger of the bags to a friend of mine, Micayla Gatto, a former National Champion in Mountain Biking, and artist, and also just a solid overall adventurer! She’s recently moved to Sweden, probably just to test out her arc’teryx bag I’m sure, and I’ve asked her to give me her thoughts on the bag, so here she is:
“This bag has travelled across the world with me. A few of my favourite features include the convertible and adjustable padded straps for easy carrying either cross-body duffle style, or over-the-shoulders as a backpack.  It’s also waterproof. Which is awesome. I’ve thrown it in the snow with spare clothes and jackets when I’m cross country skiing, kept it in the back of my truck in the rain when I’m out trail riding, and am planning on using it as a dry bag while camping and surfing in Tofino. It’s most recent journey has been from Vancouver to Sweden. Super durable, the 80L bag is an “everything but the kitchen sink” sort of deal.  To be honest I actually have trouble filing it on most weekend getaways. Yesterday I filled it with my hiking boots, snowboard boots, helmet, mitts, goggles, pants, puffy, jacket, change of clothes and still had ample room. It’s rounded, sack-like shape allows for it to mould to whatever is inside, making it easier to fill every available space.  It’s also super light and packs down to nearly nothing: an added bonus if you’re travelling.

The only cons I have for this bag? It’s almost too big.  When filled, it is not a joy to carry around. No real structure makes it pretty awkward to pick up, and no wheels makes it a back-breaker should you stuff it full and plan to walk for more than a few hundred metres. When stuffed, I would compare it to trying to carry around a golden retriever. It’s also has no inner compartments, so clothes tend to slide around and unfold, and it’s not ideal for compartmentalizing things like underwear and phone chargers.  In the future I would buy the smaller size. It would hold what I needed without all the extra room, and would still be big enough for gear like helmets and harnesses.

That being said, it’s an amazing bag if you just want to throw a bunch of gear in it and go. It practically lives in the trunk of my car with all of my adventure essentials stuffed in it.  From climbing gear and snowboard boots, to wetsuits and bike helmets, this bag is the perfect gear bag for your next adventure.”


This is not Micayla, but her boyfriend. And apparently he is willing to carry the kitchen sink :P

here’s a blurry image of my bag all ready for a quick tour.












(But you should follow Micayla and all her adventures on instagram here!)


So in short, I agree, not the ideal bag for a traditional business trip, BUT if your business is ADVENTURE, you may need one of these bags… After all, that’s what these bags were made for, so put them to good use!

Happy travels and many adventures, talk soon!


Packing for 2 days or 2 months

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Travel OR Tour: Packing for 2 days or 2 Months… the idea is still the same.


While getting ready to leave on tour, there are always a couple of things that must be done first.


  1. Make sure you have all your proper gear and instruments
  2. Make sure you’ve packed your bags for the road


**Warning: The pure joy and excitement of tour can often overshadow the latter… but don’t let it! This is a very important step. ALSO, because I’m a musician, I’m saying “tour,” but feel free to insert your own word, whether vacation, work, or whatever else takes you away from home!


I’ve found that one of the best ways to help a tour run smoother comes directly from a properly packed suitcase. You think I’m crazy? Well think about it this way, it’s 2 minutes till showtime and you’ve just spent the entire day recovering from your exhausting drive through the night; you and your bandmates are grumpy and hungry (and I believe we’ve all seen the devastating affect of a coworker becoming h’angry!) and the last thing you can handle now is a 5 minute rummage through your bag only to find out now that you didn’t bring your favorite stage shirt. No one wants to go on stage with that attitude, as we all want to be 100% there for our fans! We say to ourselves, “If I had just packed properly before I left, if I had just been a little more organized I wouldn’t be in this conundrum right now when I should be focusing on the show!” It seems minor, but trust me, after a few tiring days, not to mention after the three-week mark on tour… this can be what puts you over the top…


Let your suitcase be the Zen in your life…. look down at it… feel the warm glow of comfort that may arise in your soul. No matter how stressful a tour, work and even vacation can get, a well-packed suitcase can be a breath of fresh air. And trust me, fresh air is hard to come by when you’re crammed in a bus with band mates who haven’t had the luxury of regular showers.


Ok maybe all I’m saying is this… There are enough distractions and frustrations on even a smaller 3 date tour, so do yourself a favor and create your own source of inner peace and inspiration among the madness, LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY PACK YOUR SUITCASE, and you’ll be able to more freely enjoy the amazing experiences that touring and traveling has to offer.

Have fun out there… after (and during) packing of course!




The Math of Packing

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Simply put, to maximize the amount of space in your suitcase, you must fold your clothes to suite THAT specific suitcase.

It’s simple math, so for all y’all out there worried about even reading the word math, relax! All I’m saying is that if your suitcase has a depth of 9 inches then fold your clothes to a vertical height (when filed upright of course, they way this whole site preaches!) of 9 inches; If your suitcase is two feet long, or 24 inches, then fold your clothes in 2x stacks of 12″, or better yet, 3x stacks of 8″! Or NOW JUST RELAX, forget the numbers, forget the math, just use your suitcase to best suit you! Find out what works best for your particular bag, not what works for others and their bags, but for you and your suitcase! Don’t forget to have fun with it, think Tetris! Made blocks of clothes to fit into the one big block of a suitcase! And that’s the simple Math of Packing.

*reminder of why rolling is not the key to suitcase packing

… but if you want to get all nerdy with it, I’ll be right there to be nerdy with you! For instance a while ago I measured out my go-to carry-on bag, all dimensions. Then I figured out exactly how wide and how tall I needed to fold my clothes to use the dimensions of my bag to its fullest. Taking it further, I made myself (out of cardboard) a “perfect t-shirt folding” contraption with those exact measurements. You may have seen these folding devices while clothes shopping? Like an employee of the Gap, off in the corner folding their clothes to look all neat and tidy (and ALL the exact same size!) for the rack? The only difference is that I added on more fold so to best suit my Rock Star Pack, Fold ‘N File style. Anywho, it can get nerdy, it can get fun, and I highly encourage you to do both. I promised long ago to post about how I made the folding machine, maybe it’s time I do just that

…but until then I’ll just attach a little video here of me packing for my last adventure, a 6 week journey to Africa, Ireland, France and the Netherlands. Quite a diverse trip, but I still feel I brought too much and didn’t even wear everything I brought. Except underwear… I definitely went through that! Enjoy! let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!


Shaun – howtopack@gmail.com



How to Fold a T-shirt

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These next few posts are all going to be directly from the How To Pack Like A Rock Star book, so stay tuned cause up first is a series of posts on folding from the chapter, In The Fold… Oh and like always in the book, I start off by talking about how I do it and which method I feel is best, then followed by the thoughts and opinions of many other well traveled musicians on whether they agree or disagree with me, or just think I’m nuts :) So here is the first one, How to Fold A T-Shirt:

Everyone has their own way to fold. Whether you were taught a special folding method by a parent, or you discovered your own along the way, almost everyone has a folding preference. While any old method will work, there are better ones than others. I know everybody loves the rolling method… but I don’t roll for the same reason bricks aren’t round. When it comes to a square suitcase, cylinders don’t stack well on other cylinders, therefore, they don’t save you space. And while some would argue that rolling clothes leaves fewer wrinkles, I don’t find this to be the case. Here is my preferred way to fold shirts to best suit the Rock Star pack:


Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 3.27.02 PM

From there you have a perfect little t shirt package to stack vertically in your suitcase. See how many you can fit in to make one whole row, color coordinate them or alternate them around for aesthetic reasons… find out what suites you best! (check out the photo galleries if you need a better visual of how to “stack vertically“)

*HINT: The depth of your suitcase should ideally be the same length as your shirt after its been folded, so roughly the shoulders to chest dimension, like in picture 4.

And now for a few thoughts and Q&A’s with Rock Stars:

Jack Antonoff _ Steel Train, Bleachers, FUN.

Q. Where did you learn your current method of folding?

A. From you! for real. its actually changed my life. for me, staying sane on tour is all about finding small things you can control and keep in order. i can finally now file my bag under that zen umbrella where things like my iphone and neatly wrapped wires exist. and because i live my life in the occupants of my bag, you can only imagine the joy this brings me. i can see it all, right there, no more digging, just calm choosing.

Tegan Quin _ Tegan and Sara

A. Well, it was actually my dad who taught me most of what I know about clothes, laundry, folding etc. once, my mom and my step dad Bruce went away and my dad came and stayed at our house to take care of us for a few nights. My mom was very bad with staying on top of the laundry and our laundry room was easily knee deep in clothes. My dad taught Sara and I to sort, wash, dry and put away all the clothes while my mom was on holiday. We were 6 years old.

Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 4.54.21 PM


And now for a few more thoughts… ones that I don’t really agree with but are still an option for you… I suppose. If you must…  :P

Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 4.55.51 PM


So thats how to fold a t-shirt. Well, actually I’m referring to earlier when I taught you how to fold a t-shirt properly and not the last couple comments about rolling your clothes… but I rant enough about rolling HERE if you want to read more on that topic… which I think you should if you are on the fence about rolling vs folding.

Until next time, Happy Travels my friends!



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I’ve having a BOOK SALE! And just in time for Black Friday, or just in time for Christmas, or just in time to sort out that super messy packing friend of yours before their next vacation… or worst of all, before you two go on vacation or tour together and you have to deal with all their crap, migrating into your personal space within minutes of leaving!

BIG SIDE NOTE: I like to call this “expanding disorder” and I know it well. The tour bus life can sound pretty luxurious to most, but let me tell you something, it’s not, UNLESS there are added bus rules to help maintain everyone’s sanity. When I say added bus rules, I mean there are always two universal rules when on a tour bus:

1. Sleep with you feet facing the front of the bus.
2. No “number two” on the bus. (Ironic that it’s rule #2?)

The added rules can vary but in general, I’m referring to general cleanliness rules. And even if everyone in your band is ok with leaving clothes, old stinky food and anything else you can think of on the ground, your bus driver will no be. They clean the bus daily and care about their baby. Your band and your driver is an important relationship to maintain, trust me.

I’m getting super sidetracked here I know, but first I must remind you that expanding disorder is a real thing, my old tour manager had it and when it goes diagnosed (as it often does) it can be detrimental to the health of others around, especially while in tight spaces. Luckily for me, Tegan and Sara and the rest of the band, we made sure to keep our TM on track and aware of his disorder, and by doing that we were all made more aware of our own abilities to expand with our own belongings as well. This was good. Healthy living within a healthy band life. Do you get how important it is yet? Anywho…

So now that you know all of this, I will now take it back to the main point of this blog… My book is on sale right now for less than $10! Give it to your friends, give it you your bandmates, give it to your family! Let’s all help each other to learn a better way to pack, to be organized, to laugh at the silliness and cleverness of this book, to impress our guests with the best coffee table book around, or most of all, to be considerate to all those around you! :P

$10 for a great book! …(Unfortunately shipping is on top of that but I’m only charging you what the post office charges me, or actually less in some cases cause I can’t justify saying it’s that much even though it is… stupid expensive postal service :(

Not a ton of these books left out there, each one is basically a limited edition version so get them while you can!

Happy Travels,


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