How to Start Packing

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Alright, eventually I’ll have a bunch of pages full of advice, but for now, have a look at this picture and tell me what you see? I see a your bed as a perfect place to start organizing, the perfect packing pallet. After this, separate them into piles of similar items, like pants, shirts, etc so you can see the proportions of what you are bringing and hopefully also what you are lacking…

Now have a look at these pictures below:

What I mean by “Think Jenga” is that as you are removing and replacing your clothes from you back, you can take anything from anywhere but it should always be replaced back on top… this way you keep all your clean clothes separate from your “slightly dirties.”

The 2nd bit of advice, “It’s easy to identify your jeans when you can see the back pocket stitching” is just more proof that solidifies this packing style as the best one around.


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