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Matts Bag Reminder

The title, How To Pack Like A Rock Star was meant to be fairly self-explanatory and obvious, but how did you interpret it? Did you read it as, how to pack like a ‘rockstar’ (as in, a slang reference to something being done in the best possible manner or to “describe something good”). Or did you interpret a little more straight-up as it reads, ‘Rock Star’ (as in “Someone who is in a popular rock band”)? That space, or lack of space between the two words, makes a big difference to me. So how did you interpret it?

rock star vs rockstar

(thanks urban dictionary for these)

The truth is, there is no wrong answer and both ways are right. Officially I was referring to the musicians in the book who contributed their expertise (so the Rock Stars), but in saying that, I also fully intended and expected for more people to see it the other (rockstar) way… because it is after all (in my opinion!) a far superior way in which to pack. So then why am I saying this now? To remind you and me of one key point: You don’t have to be a musician to pack like a pro!

I was reminded again of this when professional soccer player Matt Watson of the Vancouver Whitecaps sent me a picture of his suitcase packed with pure class and elegance. Its obvious, and yet I still forget that Pro athletes can travel just as much as musicians, so doesn’t it makes sense for them to be pro-packers as well? Don’t be confused, I’m not saying that it makes sense for all athletes to ‘support Green Bay football’ (Get it? “pro-Packers”. Sports joke. Hilarious, I know…) but what I am saying is that there are a lot of other professions that travel for work. So athletes, musicians, business people, travellers and vacationers alike, let this be a good reminder to all of us that we can all be rockstars within our travels. And as much as I really dislike the use of the word and term ‘rockstar’ (true story), I think it’s fine if you use it in this setting… cause after all, we are reproducing the methods brought forth by true rock stars!

So yes, the Rock Star (aka ‘Rockstar’) pack method is expanding to the world of athletics, thanks to Mr Watson. Will you be the one to rise up in your world? Keep in touch if you do :)



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