Christmas is a comin! (Holiday Travel tips)

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Holiday travels can scare anyone. Hordes or people all trying to get somewhere at the same time and all with an extra sense of urgency. Combine this with the fact that for many of these people, it’s the only time of the year in which they travel… ie. Travel noobs clogging up the system :P

These holiday travel tips will be fairly obvious advice to most of you, but you’d be surprised how much you can forget in the rush of the holiday season! Here are a few reminders for those of you in this scenario:

1. Give yourself more time than you think… in each and every part of pre-travel!
2. Pack earlier in the day, not the night before.
3. Get to the airport hours before, not an hour before.
4. Do your research, know what you can and can’t bring with you as well as weight restrictions for baggage.
5. Don’t forget your passport if you are crossing countries.
6. Don’t forget to pack your gifts and presents!

OK so while we’re on holiday travel tips as well as talking about presents and gifts…

I’ll be very brief. You have friends and I have books. And you’ll want to impress your friends with your choice of gifts for them right? Perfect, cause I’ve got you covered. I’m not even kidding. (While tooting my own horn at the same time) The book, How To Pack Like A Rock Star, is the perfect gift for your friends as it combines those laugh out loud moments along side the “Holy crap, this is such great practical advice! What an amazing gift giver you are!” and “Best. Friend. Ever!” comments.

You’re welcome.

But order now so you’ll be sure to get it before Christmas!!! PS you can’t buy this book in stores. Oh and why not, for a little more incentive for ya I’ll add a holiday promo code : XMAS to make the book an even $15 bucks for the holiday season. I’d love to share the book with you, will you share it with your friends? Hope so!
Hope the basic holiday travel tips helped a little but for those of you wanting more, don’t worry, ‘How to safely pack a bottle of wine in your suitcase’ is coming soon! Also did you catch how I photoshopped the book into the image above, (my attempt at subliminal messaging, making travel synonymous with How To Pack…!).

As always, feel free to Email me with any questions or inquiries!

Shaun –

(If you have any difficulties with the checkout, PLEASE email me at and I’ll help you out! Or if you feel more comfortable buying from Amazon, then please click here! or



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