How to Fold a T-shirt

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These next few posts are all going to be directly from the How To Pack Like A Rock Star book, so stay tuned cause up first is a series of posts on folding from the chapter, In The Fold… Oh and like always in the book, I start off by talking about how I do it and which method I feel is best, then followed by the thoughts and opinions of many other well traveled musicians on whether they agree or disagree with me, or just think I’m nuts :) So here is the first one, How to Fold A T-Shirt:

Everyone has their own way to fold. Whether you were taught a special folding method by a parent, or you discovered your own along the way, almost everyone has a folding preference. While any old method will work, there are better ones than others. I know everybody loves the rolling method… but I don’t roll for the same reason bricks aren’t round. When it comes to a square suitcase, cylinders don’t stack well on other cylinders, therefore, they don’t save you space. And while some would argue that rolling clothes leaves fewer wrinkles, I don’t find this to be the case. Here is my preferred way to fold shirts to best suit the Rock Star pack:


Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 3.27.02 PM

From there you have a perfect little t shirt package to stack vertically in your suitcase. See how many you can fit in to make one whole row, color coordinate them or alternate them around for aesthetic reasons… find out what suites you best! (check out the photo galleries if you need a better visual of how to “stack vertically“)

*HINT: The depth of your suitcase should ideally be the same length as your shirt after its been folded, so roughly the shoulders to chest dimension, like in picture 4.

And now for a few thoughts and Q&A’s with Rock Stars:

Jack Antonoff _ Steel Train, Bleachers, FUN.

Q. Where did you learn your current method of folding?

A. From you! for real. its actually changed my life. for me, staying sane on tour is all about finding small things you can control and keep in order. i can finally now file my bag under that zen umbrella where things like my iphone and neatly wrapped wires exist. and because i live my life in the occupants of my bag, you can only imagine the joy this brings me. i can see it all, right there, no more digging, just calm choosing.

Tegan Quin _ Tegan and Sara

A. Well, it was actually my dad who taught me most of what I know about clothes, laundry, folding etc. once, my mom and my step dad Bruce went away and my dad came and stayed at our house to take care of us for a few nights. My mom was very bad with staying on top of the laundry and our laundry room was easily knee deep in clothes. My dad taught Sara and I to sort, wash, dry and put away all the clothes while my mom was on holiday. We were 6 years old.

Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 4.54.21 PM


And now for a few more thoughts… ones that I don’t really agree with but are still an option for you… I suppose. If you must…  :P

Screen shot 2016-01-29 at 4.55.51 PM


So thats how to fold a t-shirt. Well, actually I’m referring to earlier when I taught you how to fold a t-shirt properly and not the last couple comments about rolling your clothes… but I rant enough about rolling HERE if you want to read more on that topic… which I think you should if you are on the fence about rolling vs folding.

Until next time, Happy Travels my friends!



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