How To Pack For A Life Full Of Adventures

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This is my son, Link, future Legend of Hyrule.

Well, officially it’s, Lincoln Tennessee James, but either way, welcome to this world and a life full of adventures, little buddy! Now before he was born, I never really spent too much time thinking about packing for babies, their needs and their NEEDS. I had a few friends who would send me over some pics of their suitcases in which they packed for their kids, and I loved it, BUT not until now do I really get how important it is to transfer the packing skills we have honed already, into the world of babies!



Diapers stack easily and come stacked already so that’s a no brainer, but what about Sophie the giraffe (Actually Sophie isn’t too bad to pack either since they’re like the big long piece in a Tetris game, and everyone wants one of those… just like everyone wants Sophie… which I still don’t get yet why?! Maybe I need to be a dad for longer than 6 weeks? I’ll wait it our and get back to you. Holy tangent, Batman. BACK to talking about children’s goods to pack :P) And then add the baby changing mat, the swaddling clothes, the extra clothes for when they poop themselves (because they will and do, often!), etc. There’s a lot. Parents know this, and now so do I.

So stay tuned as I may be posting the odd baby-packing-themed post from time to time! Until then, feel free to message me about any packing thoughts, questions, or even photos of your packing endeavors…


…ESPECIALLY if they’re baby themed ;P


Happy Travels friends,

Shaun –

-bonus pic of my friends kid-friendly-pack in the Filing (Rock Star) method, below AS WELL AS A FEW MORE OF MY KID, cause he’s adorable. Enjoy!

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