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Ok here’s the deal for the How To Pack Photo Contest… I want you to take a picture of your suitcase wherever you are during these holidays, whether at your parents, away on vacation or home by yourself! Get as creative as you can! Exotic scenery is great but so is a Star Wars Christmas, so the only rule is to have fun and show off your packing skills! After you have created a masterpiece, send that image to me either by twitter @shaunhuberts #howtopack, or by emailing it directly to me at

That’s it! OH RIGHT, the prizes?! Well the winner will get a copy of the book for themselves AND a friend along with a couple special edition postcards and luggage tags! If you don’t like those prizes but I choice your photo as the winner then we’ll barter for something even cooler?!!

Get Shootin!

PS If you need any ideas or refreshers on how to pack, have a look at some of the galleries that I’ve put up from others who’ve sent in shots or some of the real rock star’s packs… PACK LIKE THIS?

OH and yes, there probably could or will be a bonus for those who can include any How To Pack stuff in the pictures… but then again if you already have a copy of the book then you probably wouldn’t be as interested in entering the contest… unless you feel like you have something to show off and you have completely mastered the art of the pack and want to one-up me?!! To that I say, I double dog dare you.




Congrats go out to Brandon, you won!


BUT there are other winners too… I just decided today that I had to hand out at least one more award so…

2nd place (for creativly packing in your clothes into your gig bag) goes to Radka, you’ve won a book too!

There are also a bunch of Honorable Mentions and so I’m going to send you each a limited edition How To Pack postcard personally thanking you for entering the contest, so congrats to Ellen, Griffin, Amy, Phoebe and Daria! And thank you everyone else who entered!!!


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