The importance of the “Day-Off Day Shirt”

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What on earth is a Day-Off day shirt you might ask. Well let me first tell you what it is and then the importance of it will start to make sense…

When you are on a long tour, or even a work trip, you look forward to your next day-off, logically. These are your new ‘weekends’, but they are more than that to those on the road. Road life can be long and tiring and although there’s no 9-5 that we are following, there is still a 10am-2am, or 3am, or… that we are having to be “on” for. Most of that time is spend doing nothing. Then again, a lot of that time is doing everything. You never know, each tour is different and every season of touring changes as well.

All this being said, the day off shirt is important because it separates this day from tour life and there’s nothing better than a clean, fresh shirt that makes you feel good about yourself. This shirt is special. It could be your favorite shirt all time, or it could just be your goto, your, “this is truly me” shirt. The only stipulation: You CANNOT wear this shirt on work days, you cannot wear this shirt on stage. It is simply there to make you feel great on your days off. A good day off can recharge you for quite a while, so do all you can to help that be a great day. Add a special day-off day shirt to your suitcase and see how it can help you.

As an extra trick, keep this shirt tucked away and out of sight underneath your row of clothes. If you really want to differentiate it from the rest, put it in a large ziplock bag so it can keep its “fresh laundry scent”… or if it’s a dress shirt, keep it’s plastic bag on after picking it up from the dry cleaner? Either way, hide it from plain site so you even forget its there on the work days, BUT then when your day comes, lift out the entire row of filed clothes and reveal your special day off shirt. Take it out, put it on, and live it up!


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