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In case you weren’t aware, How To Pack Like A Rock Star is on Instagram and Tumblr with new(ish) instagram and tumblr accounts! At the moment, this is the best way to keep up with our quick travel tips, so please give us a follow! I’ll still keep writing longer posts on here but they aren’t near as frequent as we would all like, so… check out the fun pictures and quick tips on Insta or Tumblr (besides, who reads more than 144 characters anyway these days, it’s all about the photos, ya?). But also, please do check back here from time to time for the longer and in depth posts about the best traveling tips… or just really, really OCD packing stuff we all love :) or (tumblr)  if you didn’t click on the links earlier ;)

One more thing… you can still get your own copy of the limited edition, How To Pack Like A Rock Star, book while it still exists (or if you are sick of waiting for tips or just want an insanely great gift for a friend who already has everything, and yet nothing without this book)!! Get it from me here, or check out Amazon if you don’t trust me :P

Happy Travels!


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