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How to Pack Like a Rock Star in the Media

National Post

A little something I wrote for an article in the National Post! This is one of the first pieces I’ve ever done for print and so obviously I was extremely happy that it was in a national paper. I think it made my dad just as proud as I was!

Ottawa Citizen

review top 5 tips

The same article as in the National Post but now in the Ottawa Citizen :)


NPR screen
I had no idea that NPR used my old crappy little promo video on their site… but I’m excited that they even mentioned me!



As a huge supporter of the arts in Canada, CBC is simply amazing. I was honoured (Canadian spelling of course) to be a part of anything CBC related.

Alan Cross

When I heard that Alan Cross had mentions my book on his blog I was ecstatic. I listen to his show, the history of music with Alan Cross, every Sunday morning. Not too sure how he found out about the book but I happy he did. I hope his copy of the book graces his coffee table.

#1 on Amazon

When I first released How To Pack Like A Rock Star onto it went to number #1 in Travel tips and reference! I was so excited that I had to take a screen capture of if to remember the moment, ha!



Where I started the whole thing off, thanks to the support of many amazing people I was able to get this project funded. Thank you too all of you who supported. If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter then I strongly recommend you check it out and support a few projects today! It’s my favorite online shopping site, really…


Another site that I thoroughly enjoy and was again surprised and extremely happy to be contacted by them. Check out the Lifehacker blog slash review on the book!


One of the top blogs for travel related awesomeness. Do yourself a favor and check out the excellent story tellings going on in there. Matador



The very first ever talk about the book in the media came from VancouverIsAwesome and I am very grateful to them and their friends. Thanks for having a part of your awesome site!


My bandmate Laura Smith wrote a wonderful little review on the book. Thanks for taking the time to do that Laura. learn more about ROCOCODE

Wave Living was crazy little marketing scheme where 3 live actors, including my wife, were living in a 600ft glass condo for 49 straight days… in the middle of a mall. Live feeds of their daily lives and conversations were not only streamed online, but also mic’d up and played outside the condo so the mall dwellers could also hear what was going on. Big Brother meets The Truman Show. All this to say that my book sat on the coffee table for all those watching the live stream to see.


Victoria Lifestyles

Hometown lovings found here.


I great little local magazine from CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver ran a nice little review on the book under their “Textually Active” segment.

Green Couch

Green Couch is another amazing Vancouver company that produces music videos with a variety of artists… all somehow involving their Green Couch… in which they found. Worth checking out.


Music Marketing Blog

Check out the guest blog I did for this Site!


It’s official cause you saw it on the internet… I’m a packing professional! Here’s your proof


Have I mentioned that I love travel sites filled with tips and advice? I also wrote too much so my writings was split into a two part interview! Have a look here at