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‘Ok ok, to start off I have to be honest and admit that I really like gadgets… and I love good travels gadgets even more. But I also have to be careful because it can be like wanting to pack all of your favorite clothes into your suitcase; you just probably wont need them all!

So what is this little gadget I’m talking about? What does it do, how does it help me, and will this be a mainstay in my pack or a seasonal gadget? Let’s talk it through as Pack Like A Rock Star demo’s the Olixar Power Up Kit…


What it is:  The Olixar Power Up Kit is a clever little pack with multiple travel adapters for when you find yourself touring/working/traveling, whether at home or overseas (or somewhere with a different power system) as well as a power adapter with 4 USB spots (I kid you not!) for powering multiple devices at once. Also included are a couple of retractable cables (both with Lightning OR Micro USB ends) and a super slim, portable power bank for charging on-the-go.


What does it do:  Well that’s probably fairly obvious already, but, the reality is, that if you travel enough, especially outside of your country, then you really do need something special like this to power up all of your electronics. And if you have multiple devices, (ie. phone, iPad, e-reader etc.), then this is perfect for that. Having four separate ports for charging is great; It comes with two cables already, so if you have a few devices then you’ll still have to bring an extra cable or two, but you would normally have them anyway so think of these as an oops-forgot-my-charger-again backup plan…times 2!

The power bank included is ultra slim, which makes it easier to carry around with you. It’s not quite fit-it-in-your-wallet thin (unless you’re George Costanza) but you can definitely stick it in any one of your pockets without a whole lot of worry or discomfort – even with skinny jeans – so that says something right? The best feature about it is that it comes with a cable built into it so you don’t have to also port around a cable. It’s a short Micro USB end that pops out of the device, and if you have an iPhone, there is also a hidden Lightning adapter for you underneath the cable.

I have to be honest, it took me more than a second to figure this little sucker out, BUT when I did ha, I was pretty darned happy with it. With 2500mAh’s, it gives you a decent little charge for it’s portability: It charged my iPhone back to full from 5%, and the last time I charged the power bank was almost two weeks earlier, so it’s definitely got some pretty decent power.


Design:  I have to say, it’s a great looking kit. Better looking than a power bar, that’s for sure. When I first got the Olixar in my hands I was impressed by the amount of time and energy that was clearly spent on the design. It’s sexy. And I like carrying around or traveling with items that not only impress me but also others who may see it. I also might add that over the years I’ve lost an international power adapter or two probably due to the fact that I kept them in a discreet black bag that you’d see diamonds held in… well in the movies at least. Any who, what I’m trying to say is it’s nice to have a good set, in a proper case, that I would care about, where everything in there has it’s own spot, making it obvious if you’ve forgotten to replace something.


Couple things that bugged me:  Now call me old school if you will, but when I travel abroad, I almost always have my actual laptop with me, so a power adapter with only a bunch of USB ports and no actual plugin option for my computer power cable stinks… I’d have to bring a separate power adapter for that. And if it weren’t for my computer, then it may be for my flat iron…no, I’m not in an emo band, and I don’t actually have any hair except for my beard, but I do have a wife and she might need her flat iron. Again, point being, I’d probably still need a separate adapter even if I grew up and just used an iPad as an away work computer.

The other thing that kinda bugs me is the power bank… remember when I said it took me a sec to figure out how to make it work? Ok here’s why I’m an idiot, or why it’s a little goofy in design… one of these must be true. So I pulled out the cable from the power bank and noticed it was Micro USB, and having an iPhone myself I thought, crap, I’ll need one of the Micro to Lightning adapters from the retractable cables that come with the kit. Not a huge deal since the Power Up Kit comes with two. But then I didn’t like the fact that I’d have to carry this little adapter around separately… and that’s when I noticed that hidden under where the power bank cable had been was a Micro USB slot?! I plugged the cable into it (basically like I was trying to charge the device with it’s own power, which seemed dumb…) and then noticed a piece came out? I actually thought I broke it at first, only to realize that it too was yet another Micro USB to Lightning adapter, thus finally realizing I could charge my phone without having to borrow from another part of the Kit. Ok, so I am an idiot, BUT what I still don’t like, and why I actually thought I broke it at first is because the cable only goes half way into the adapter. I have a hard enough time seeing my drawers at home being left half open, and so this kind of thing, when cables don’t fully look connected, like puzzle pieces that “kind of fits together…?!” bugs me. That being said, it still works fine.



Overall:    From the design to all the features, it’s a pretty great kit with a lot of very useful and usable parts. It’s perfect for a device-friendly traveler, which is most of us these days, isn’t it? Would I use it every time I go away? Maybe not. But then again, maybe I would? I know I’d use parts of the Kit for sure on a regular basis… but as much as I praised the design and look of it all, for an everyday use or travel kit, it’s pretty large. Not overly heavy, but still a good size which would take up a bit if extra space in your bag. If I’m being honest with myself, I might even be inclined to bring a simple powerbar with me along with my normal chargers if I were on a shorter trip in North America (no need for all the power adapters…). Maybe a power adapter and a powerbar, ha. But then again, the order and tidiness of the Olixar Power Up Kit is what I was first drawn to, and keeping things need an orderly is what I preach with all my, How To Pack Like A Rock Star, stuff, so in that sense I would bring this along with me. Less mess, more order is my jam. It’s the reason I “file” my clothes into my suitcase vertically like a filing cabinet, for a more accessibility and more efficient way of packing; to alleviate the extra time and energy wasted from rummaging through your bag each and every time. And It’s not like I can’t find more space in my suitcase for a simple-shaped case such as this one, that’s what the Rock Star pack is all about. So, it turns out, I do like this sexy Power Kit and I’m ready to show her off to all my friends. Or make friends with it ;)

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