Packing for 2 days or 2 months

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Travel OR Tour: Packing for 2 days or 2 Months… the idea is still the same.


While getting ready to leave on tour, there are always a couple of things that must be done first.


  1. Make sure you have all your proper gear and instruments
  2. Make sure you’ve packed your bags for the road


**Warning: The pure joy and excitement of tour can often overshadow the latter… but don’t let it! This is a very important step. ALSO, because I’m a musician, I’m saying “tour,” but feel free to insert your own word, whether vacation, work, or whatever else takes you away from home!


I’ve found that one of the best ways to help a tour run smoother comes directly from a properly packed suitcase. You think I’m crazy? Well think about it this way, it’s 2 minutes till showtime and you’ve just spent the entire day recovering from your exhausting drive through the night; you and your bandmates are grumpy and hungry (and I believe we’ve all seen the devastating affect of a coworker becoming h’angry!) and the last thing you can handle now is a 5 minute rummage through your bag only to find out now that you didn’t bring your favorite stage shirt. No one wants to go on stage with that attitude, as we all want to be 100% there for our fans! We say to ourselves, “If I had just packed properly before I left, if I had just been a little more organized I wouldn’t be in this conundrum right now when I should be focusing on the show!” It seems minor, but trust me, after a few tiring days, not to mention after the three-week mark on tour… this can be what puts you over the top…


Let your suitcase be the Zen in your life…. look down at it… feel the warm glow of comfort that may arise in your soul. No matter how stressful a tour, work and even vacation can get, a well-packed suitcase can be a breath of fresh air. And trust me, fresh air is hard to come by when you’re crammed in a bus with band mates who haven’t had the luxury of regular showers.


Ok maybe all I’m saying is this… There are enough distractions and frustrations on even a smaller 3 date tour, so do yourself a favor and create your own source of inner peace and inspiration among the madness, LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY PACK YOUR SUITCASE, and you’ll be able to more freely enjoy the amazing experiences that touring and traveling has to offer.

Have fun out there… after (and during) packing of course!




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