Packing wine into a suitcase

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how to pack wine into a suitcase

It’s family time, and whether you are going home for Christmas or any other time of the year, you may want to bring back with you a favorite bottle of wine you just can’t get at home. Maybe you’ve spent a year as an Au pair in Southern France or you’ve escaped from the North American winters with a fall jaunt to Argentina? The point is, there’s plenty of great wine from all over the world that needs to be shared with the ones you love… and yes that includes you bringing it home for yourself! So sometimes you just have to put it in your suitcase to get it home. Oh but what about Duty free shopping? Well it just doesn’t cut it when you have traveled and tasted your favorite wine, bottled strait from the source and need to get it home. Whatever the case, here are a few tips to help ensure your bottle gets home safely… despite the airport baggage handlers best efforts. Oh and Obviously it’s never ideal to put wine into your checked luggage but just to let you know, I have successfully ported wine this way a few times… (hmmm,  there’s got to be some sort of clever joke involving ‘port’ and wine here right? I’ve got nothing, but feel free to let me know if you’ve got one….)

Here are my step by step tips for packing wine into a suitcase:

1. Most importantly, find a good wine worth taking back with you.

how to pack wine rule 1

2: Find the most bulky and padded item in your suitcase, like a hoody or a sweater.

how to pack wine rule 2

3: Wrap the bottle with it, taking special care to add extra padding around the neck, i.e. if you use a hoody, use the hood to wrap a few times around the bottle’s neck as it’s most vulnerable there.

how to pack wine rule 3

4. Place the bottle into the middle of your suitcase (length-wise and bottle-bottom facing the suitcases’ side with wheels) to ensure it has the maximum amount of protection from all sides. By packing it in this way, when the bag is upright, so is the wine, and even if the bottle settles down a little closer to the wheels side, it’s still resting on the thickess and strongest part of the bottle.

wine rule 4a

5. In my bag, I have a mesh pocket on the top flap filled with my socks and underwear so this provides a nice padding for the top-side of the bottle…. So it works for me but just be aware of how your bag constructed; if you have to bury it down a little more, then do it. Again, make sure to protect it from ALL SIDES.

wine rule 5


And there you have it,  you should be all good to go now… but of course you can still be more cautious by first putting the bottle into a sealed plastic bag… then maybe another larger bag over that… but then I feel that if the bottle is going to break, a plastic bag isn’t going to hold up against sharp broken glass anyway… so live a little, take a risk and start packing that wine into your suitcase anyway! Safe travels my friends.

Oh and enjoy the wine!

…responsibly  of course :D




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