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Pic of the Month

Have a look at some of the latest and greatest pictures sent in from people, like yourselves, from all over the world! As I sometimes, but not too often say... Look, Like and Learn!


The growing list of what other people in the media are saying about the book. If they don't say something nice about the book then at least you laugh at me being awkward... awkwardly charming that is?!

How To Pack Photo Contest

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Ok here’s the deal for the How To Pack Photo Contest… I want you to take a picture of your suitcase wherever you are during these holidays, whether at your parents, away on vacation or home by yourself! Get as creative as you can! Exotic scenery is great but so is a Star Wars Christmas, so the only rule is to have fun and show off your packing skills! After you have created a masterpiece, send that image to me either by twitter @shaunhuberts #howtopack, facebook.com/howtopacklikearockstar or by emailing it directly to me at howtopack@gmail.com.

That’s it! OH RIGHT, the prizes?! Well the winner will get a copy of the book for themselves AND a friend along with a couple special edition postcards and luggage tags! If you don’t like those prizes but I choice your photo as the winner then we’ll barter for something even cooler?!!

Get Shootin!

PS If you need any ideas or refreshers on how to pack, have a look at some of the galleries that I’ve put up from others who’ve sent in shots or some of the real rock star’s packs… PACK LIKE THIS?

OH and yes, there probably could or will be a bonus for those who can include any How To Pack stuff in the pictures… but then again if you already have a copy of the book then you probably wouldn’t be as interested in entering the contest… unless you feel like you have something to show off and you have completely mastered the art of the pack and want to one-up me?!! To that I say, I double dog dare you.




Congrats go out to Brandon, you won!


BUT there are other winners too… I just decided today that I had to hand out at least one more award so…

2nd place (for creativly packing in your clothes into your gig bag) goes to Radka, you’ve won a book too!

There are also a bunch of Honorable Mentions and so I’m going to send you each a limited edition How To Pack postcard personally thanking you for entering the contest, so congrats to Ellen, Griffin, Amy, Phoebe and Daria! And thank you everyone else who entered!!!


The Hotel Iron

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I’ve spent a lot of time debating on whether or not to trust the hotel iron. I’ve been in hundreds of hotel rooms, from absolute shite to utter delight, and almost everyone one of them had an iron… to some level of usability! And chances are, even the rooms which don’t have an iron would have one available for you to use at the front desk. So keeping with the ‘lighter suitcases are better suitcases” theme, I wouldn’t recommend worrying about bringing your own wrinkler-remover device while you travel. That being said (and possibly completely contradictory!) a small personal steamer doesn’t take up much room or weight as well as a flat iron used for you hair can sure come in handy for smaller jobs like shirts collars (as mentioned in my book).

OK but on to the real debate, can you trust, The Hotel Iron? In my opinion it depends on a few things. First of all, what you are ironing?

Is it expensive, and would you be extremely angry if it was ruined? If yes, chances are you’re not staying in a seedy motel and therefore 87.2% (rough estimate) of the irons you will encounter should keep you calm.

light in color? If yes, test the iron first on something else white, like a hotel bath towel. I have encountered dark dyes and residue stuck onto an iron before and didn’t realize it until it was heated up and ready-to-go… and when I say ready-to-go I mean ready to go and stain my white shirt. Beware. Also beware if the hotel you are staying in has dark towels instead of clean white ones… *side note, brown towels scare me the most.

Delicate fabric? Well you know best how to look after this type of clothing, so it should come as common sense when using the hotel iron… use your best judgment!

In closing, most hotel iron’s should work just fine and do the trick BUT don’t just turn it on and assume that, test it out first. If it doesn’t look up to your standards call the front desk and ask if they have a newer one. Oh and this goes for the ironing boards as well!

Happy travels and best of ironing luck to you.

How To Choose A Suitcase

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Suitcases come in all shapes and sized, and while some may be better than others, just remember that it should suit you, your style and your personally. If you like the pliability of a duffel bag and don’t mind slinging it over your shoulder then go with that. Prefer four wheels and an upright easy push? Then go with that. Don’t worry about what works for others, do what works for you, cause that’s how to choose a suitcase.

In saying that, I’ll now talk about what works for me and why… and yes, I get the irony here…

I tend to go with a 20″ soft-case carry on. I’ve got a larger 24″ bag too but after a few tours with just a carry-on I find that a larger bag is excessive now. Even on a 4-6 week tour I find that I’ve got enough room in my carry on for all my needs… minus perhaps a warm coat if entering a colder country (but I’d wear it on travel days so no need to pack it)… and granted I am a guy and it’s easier for us; a few jeans, a few shirts and we’re good to go!

I’ve tried various brands, shapes and sizes and there are great features and pros to each but to me, portability is the key! I try to keep the size and weight down, keeping my ability to toss my bag from here to there while maintaining it’s shape and keeping my clothes in order is a plus.
Duffel bags are excellent for this, extremely light and super pliable, jam it into any ‘ol space, but it’s harder to keep it’s insides looking neat, therefore I don’t get the joy of opening my bag and looking at a solved game of tetris. A 4-wheeled easy-push is nice for smooth surface pushing, like in an airport, but outside even a rough sidewalk can cause these small shopping cart like wheels to tremor. They open nicely and keep your clothes protected with a nice rigid case, but struggles with it’s weight and pliability. Sounds like I’m talking about a body builder from muscle beach… weighs a lot, not too flexible and has trouble keeping their balance (shaped like a triangle, tiny legs, add other jokes here)…

Ok before I get off topic, let me repeat my entire point here… in order to find the best suitcase for you, try borrowing a few suitcases from friends and test out a few different styles. And whatever you do, find out what works best for you!

on a side note, this Fall I will be testing out a couple of bags from Arc’teryx, ones with no wheels and kind of a duffel bag slash soft case hybrid… anyway, more about that in an upcoming post!

Using A Rider

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socks on the rider try putting socks on your hospitality rider and you’ll have a nice new pair waiting for you at the gig![/caption]

I spoke about using a rider a little in my BOOK but while I was at a gig yesterday I was reminded of how nice a fresh pair of socks on the rider* can be. In this festival’s trailer (our greenroom for the day) was an assortment of things for our comfort and pleasure; a few sticks of deodorant, some hair spray, packs of gum, hand towels AND a few pairs of socks! Now even though I’m pretty picky with my socks (I tend to only wear sports socks that just cover my ankles) it was nice to be able to change in to new socks after a hot and sweaty outdoors show. So even though I’m always happy to see a pack of gum on there, it’s less common rider items that I tend to get more excited about these days. Again, personally I don’t do big long tube socks because they take up twice the room in your suitcase as ankle socks, BUT in mosquito country, and when you are wearing shorts, and you didn’t pack them yourself, they come in pretty handy, ha!

Eon Sinclair, of the band Bedouin Soundclash, suggested to me that I add it to the rider all the time. Not a bad option at all. Actually he suggested putting socks and underwear on there… I think that might be a bit much as the only two people I allow to buy me underwear is my wife and my grandma! Something to think about at least.

If you are just traveling and don’t have a rider to pull from, maybe just plan to find a nice cheap pair at a local night market or something along those lines? Especially if you’ve been backpacking a while through Europe, try rewarding yourself with fresh new socks… it may sound ridiculous but they can be a real treat!

*A a rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance, and in this case I am referring to the hospitality side of the rider, so a list of requests for the comfort of the artist on the day of the show. If you want to read about some really great and ridiculous requests by super Huge Rock Stars, check out this great site full of actual band rider requests, THE SMOKING GUN.

What To Pack To The Beach

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I just got back from a little getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon, with my wife and I was reminded of the many things you can actually bring with you when you are driving instead of flying! I pride myself in being pretty efficient when it comes to my suitcase but apparently driving to the beach means, “Load it up with all I got!” Also, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I may have laughed at in the last ten years or so for packing too much… I ended up bringing a surf board, a skim board, a soccer ball, a football, baseball and glove, tennis racquets and a Frisbee. Oh and a kite. This is of course on top on my regular luggage. BUT, I had the room in my car so…

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The best motivation… kind of!

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I needed some good ‘ol motivation to force myself to work harder and faster (insert DAFT PUNK song here) on my new website. I found that the best motivation is to just put it up 80% finished, then hustle your butt off to get it done! Anyway, all this to say that I hope you enjoy the new page, there’s a lot more to check out, AND there’s room for your involvement too!

Please have a look around, add a comment, ask a question, send me a picture, pass the site along to your friends, really whatever you feel like and let’s get the suitcase packing conversation out there!

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The best way to pack a suitcase. Let the Packing Revolution Begin!

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Ok so here it goes. The launch of my new site and a better place for you and I to share road stories, suitcase picture and new packing ideas… so we can eventually take over the world. Obviously. How many of you already have the book or have at least seen a bunch of the photo’s out there? I really want to create a huge archive of peoples suitcases, especially a before and after series! For more info on how to submit photo’s…

Click on the CONTACT tab on the main menu above and you can send in all your packing pictures! I’m looking forward to saying hi to all of you so don’t be shy.

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