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A huge thank you again to the these photographers, not only are the shots done for the book amazing, but the fact that a strong majority of them were all done in under 10 minutes is simply incredible! Please do me a favour and check out each one of these wonderfully gifted photographers and let them know that you love their work as much as I do.

Rob Campbell – Vince Vaccaro, Manchester Orchestra, Hunter Burgan, Tegan Quin, Sara Quin, an Horse, Owen Pallett, Chris Walla, Dallas Green, Tom Gabel, Scott Middleton

Lindsey Byrnes – Jordan Pundik, Julie Potash

Brandon Chesbro – Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York

Robyn Jamieson – Sara Bareilles

All other shots courtesy of Shaun Huberts – Astronautalis, Chad Gilbert, Steel Train, Girl in a Coma

Again, another huge thank you to the artists who were willing to lend us even a few minutes of their precious road time, posing for crazy shots! If you haven’t seen the list of who all is involved as far as musicians go… Check’em here!

Sarah Bareilles