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The Book!

The best coffee table book you will ever buy about packing your suitcase…


This is the best way to learn about packing your suitcase for tour or vacation and it’s all here in a great little 7″x7″ book. Perfect for you, perfect for you friends, even a perfect gift for a family member. Yes, there is a fair amount of information about it already on this website, but you don’t get to hold the website, flip through it and take in the wonderful smells and feel of a brand new book. This is a souvenir, a mantle piece and the perfect conversation starter. Get it while you still can.

IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY ORDERING PLEASE CONTACT ME at !!! I’ve noticed a couple problems with Calculating Shipping oversees so please email me if you encounter this problem and I can sort you out!!! Also, my apologies for the cost of shipping in general, apparently no one ships things nowadays and so shipping has doubled for me in the past 2 years so I have to charge what I am (and I still lose money on it cause I can’t justify charging even what I have to pay for it… seriously,  just have a look at the package when you get it!) Thanks for understanding!

Price: $9.99

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Super comfy. Super great.

A must-have for anyone who simply loves t-shirts.

The subtly of the black text on a dark grey, How To Pack Like A Rock Star t-shirt, allows it to be worn (but not limited!) to any of the following occasions:

Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, carnivals, candy shops, and funerals.

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Price: $27.00

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Luggage Tags

Because your packing skills are worth bragging about.

Not only is it a nice way to customize your generic black suitcase, but there’s also really no better feeling then going through airport security and seeing the looks on their faces as they open up your suitcase… at that point when they say “Holy Crap that’s organized!” you can say, “I warned you.”

…actually it’s probably best not to tell a security guard, “I warned you.”

Price: $8.00