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The growing list of what other people in the media are saying about the book. If they don't say something nice about the book then at least you laugh at me being awkward... awkwardly charming that is?!


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Luggage Tags


Super comfy. Super great.

A must-have for anyone who simply loves t-shirts.

The subtly of the black text on a dark grey, How To Pack Like A Rock Star t-shirt, allows it to be worn (but not limited!) to any of the following occasions:

Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, carnivals, candy shops, and funerals.

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Luggage Tags

Because your packing skills are worth bragging about.

Not only is it a nice way to customize your generic black suitcase, but there’s also really no better feeling then going through airport security and seeing the looks on their faces as they open up your suitcase… at that point when they say “Holy Crap that’s organized!” you can say, “I warned you.”

…actually it’s probably best not to tell a security guard, “I warned you.”

Price: $8.00


Stories from the Road

The adventures of life on the road are endless, whether it's a broken down vehicle to a broken down suitcase, at least we can all have a good laugh after the fact. Well, most of the time...

Artists Involved

40 amazing artists you should know by now.

FAQ’s and How To’s

Forget all this funny business, I just want to see how to pack more efficiently. Fine. Here

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