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Suitcase Packing Expert, c’est moi?

Last december I was invited to be on a national television show (CTV’s The Social) to teach the shows hosts how to pack a suitcase. In short, it was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (despite feeling like a bit green for tv and sounding like a bit a bumbling goofball). Actually I loved everything about it, from flying out to Toronto to being my quirky self on the show. But the part I loved most was just before I was about to go on… I was backstage in my little green eating cantaloupe and asking the show producer how she first heard of me. Her answer was the best I’ve ever heard.

“I was just Google-ing ‘packing experts’ and I came across your name…”

So with that new jump in my step I went on to fumble my way through the show… no I’m kidding, I did alright, ha. I don’t like talking too much about myself and what makes me an expert (which I understand is important, society likes to see framed papers on the wall or at least ‘cool’ street credit like playing playing bass for a popular band) but once we got past that and into the straight packing facts, I was golden! That’s where I hit my stride. Less self talk and more nerd talk is what I always say.  The point is, I actually do know my stuff and I really am here to lead this new suitcase packing style revolution! So who will join me?

Here are a couple pics from a magazine spread that I was asked to write… I called this shot the How To Pack Starting Point. (The First image above has the final packing pic on the right)

Talk soon. (And PIN away all you Pinterest friends and fans :)

How To Pack like a rock star starting point

Don’t forget to check out the book for more tips on packing!



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