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I just got back from a 10 day vacation with my family and it was amazing, BUT for a moment there, before we left and as I was packing my suitcase, I felt as though I forgot how to pack for that length of time?! Or worse yet, I could barely remember my own rules to packing! Sure it’s been a little slower of a year musically for me and sure I haven’t been touring as much but I’m almost embarrassed about my packing skills feeling so rusty! To be honest with you, I even had to go back and reference my own book to review my packing checklist!
This is sad for me… but lucky for you, because it’s made me realize that more people need a chance to brush up on their own packing skills for their own vacations or upcoming getaways and so in order to help you in your journey I though I’d put on an End of  Summer Sale! I’ve lowered the price of the book to $17.99 (plus shipping still unfortunately… unless you live in Vancouver and wanna meet up :P )

OK ok, in reality it’s not that I forgot how to pack, but more that I got a little caught up in trying to take pictures of a new pack that I forgot what to pack and most importantly, where I was traveling to! I was heading off to Hawaii! I had no need for multiple pairs of jeans, multiple dress shirts, etc… just a couple pairs of swim trunks, a few v-neck shirts and a couple tank tops and I woulda been set… but the picture looked cooler with all the rest so I left it in there. Ha. Right before I left my home, I did unload the items in the top picture with an ‘X’.


Let this be a good reminder,

Have a look at the weather report for your destination, and pack accordingly!

SO basic, yet SO easy to forget :P

Happy Travels!



PS. this is my list (from the book…)

How To Pack Like A Rock Star - Packing Checklist

How To Pack Like A Rock Star – Packing Checklist



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