Taking Things Too Seriously

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Or too literally in this case.

I was recently at the Vancouver International Airport (or YVR in airport speak) flying out on tour and I saw some great art work that I thought I should share with you. It’s also quite fitting and sooo close to being exactly what I’ve been talking about for years now with How To Pack Like A Rock Star. I call this, (and I hope the artist did too!) How To Pack A Rock… and no, I won’t be writing a book about this one, most likely because it’s now so obvious just how to do it; Find a nice rock, drill a couple holes on top, screw in a handle, put on the baggage tags and take it over to special baggage to get it x-rayed…

Ok, obviously this is a joke, but just like this cool display at YVR, packing your suitcase can also be a form of art! So don’t forget to have fun with simple tasks in life! Stop taking menial tasks so seriously and start putting the right side of your brain to task! Better yet, instead of getting a new brain-teaser-type app and staring into yet another computer screen, try re-organizing your cupboards or closet. Do it by color then test your memory by trying to recall how many blue shirts you have or how many colors over from the right is your red shirt?! I think you’ll feel much better solving smaller tasks like this in real life than killing 5 minutes in the Matrix… but then this is coming from a guy who writes about suitcase packing so… Compromise? Maybe enjoy the game first, then use it practically in your home, ha!

I say all this for only one reason, to encourage you to go out and appreciate art, support art, and find ways to enjoy creating it yourself! I can’t explain to you how much I’ve enjoyed creating How To Pack and the conversations I’ve been able to have with people I may not have normally encountered and it’s all because of this quirky little BOOK. I encourage you to stop saying “No one will care if I make something or not…” if you are passionate about it then do it, make it, create it, and I’m POSITIVE there’s someone out there that will appreciate what you’ve done!

If you need inspirations first, no problem, there’s plenty out there, try starting by perusing the pages of Kickstarter, it’s a great place to check out cool art projects and a place to maybe even start supporting people and their passions! If you need extra help or advice, then you should check out my fave blogger (I call him my buddy despite the fact I’ve never met him in person… but he’s just that great!), Seth Godin. Or even better yet, try to get involved in your own local art scene? All I’m saying is GET OUT THERE AND HAVE SOME (or CREATE some) FUN!

Enjoy Life.

Let me know what you’re passionate about and working on!


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