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Infomercials. We’ve all seen them, we can all recite them, (think “sham-wow!”, “linguine-bikini”, or “wow that’s a big schticky” and that’s all from just one pitcher!) and yes they are extremely annoying so I’ll stop talking about them BUT I would love for you to imagine just for a moment that this next paragraph is done in that style of voice!

“Have you ever struggled to get all your clothes into one suitcase? Now imagine how much fun packing would be if you got to play tetris with your clothes? Image how simple it would be if you were playing with all the same sized objects? Now what if I tell you that this can all be done and that you, yes even you, could actually learn to enjoy packing your bags?! That’s right, it can be done and I can show you how! But just wait, that’s not all! I can even show you how to save precious space and learn how to pack more into your suitcase! With just one simple payment of $14.95 you’ll be able to learn not only all my tricks, but also those of all your favorite rock stars!”

See how fun that was? Well either way, the reality is that packing with the rock star method, (or the filing method as I like to call it these days) can actually be much more fun than the normal methods like rolling or the other traditional one… and way more fun than imagining me with an infomercial pitcher voice, that’s for sure! The key is in the folding. Find a way in which the depth and width of each clothing item is the same… I can get more technical if you like but I can’t iterate enough, packing should be fun. Make an art out of it.  Learn to pack your clothes vertically and treat them like files in a filing cabinet so you can see everything you brought with you from the moment you open your suitcase. Or have a little more fun and make shapes or patterns with your clothes and tetris it up! There are enough things to worry about before and during your travels, so don’t let packing add to that stress. Have fun and safe travels!

here’s an old series of shots I was doing for an animation showing how easy it is to fill a suitcase and see what all is in there as well as remove and replace items while you travel… Oh and ya that was also an attempt for subliminal messaging and a link to my book on amazon talking more about all of this, including tips and tricks from some pretty cool musicians. Here’s one more link :P



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