The Math of Packing

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Simply put, to maximize the amount of space in your suitcase, you must fold your clothes to suite THAT specific suitcase.

It’s simple math, so for all y’all out there worried about even reading the word math, relax! All I’m saying is that if your suitcase has a depth of 9 inches then fold your clothes to a vertical height (when filed upright of course, they way this whole site preaches!) of 9 inches; If your suitcase is two feet long, or 24 inches, then fold your clothes in 2x stacks of 12″, or better yet, 3x stacks of 8″! Or NOW JUST RELAX, forget the numbers, forget the math, just use your suitcase to best suit you! Find out what works best for your particular bag, not what works for others and their bags, but for you and your suitcase! Don’t forget to have fun with it, think Tetris! Made blocks of clothes to fit into the one big block of a suitcase! And that’s the simple Math of Packing.

*reminder of why rolling is not the key to suitcase packing

… but if you want to get all nerdy with it, I’ll be right there to be nerdy with you! For instance a while ago I measured out my go-to carry-on bag, all dimensions. Then I figured out exactly how wide and how tall I needed to fold my clothes to use the dimensions of my bag to its fullest. Taking it further, I made myself (out of cardboard) a “perfect t-shirt folding” contraption with those exact measurements. You may have seen these folding devices while clothes shopping? Like an employee of the Gap, off in the corner folding their clothes to look all neat and tidy (and ALL the exact same size!) for the rack? The only difference is that I added on more fold so to best suit my Rock Star Pack, Fold ‘N File style. Anywho, it can get nerdy, it can get fun, and I highly encourage you to do both. I promised long ago to post about how I made the folding machine, maybe it’s time I do just that

…but until then I’ll just attach a little video here of me packing for my last adventure, a 6 week journey to Africa, Ireland, France and the Netherlands. Quite a diverse trip, but I still feel I brought too much and didn’t even wear everything I brought. Except underwear… I definitely went through that! Enjoy! let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!


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