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how to pack like a rock star book

This is it, that one coffee table book that rules them all.

But in all seriousness, there is no better book that will have you laughing and learning at such a quick pace. Full of nerdy packing pictures as well as never seen before pictures of your favourite musicians! Shoot. Maybe I should’ve said nerdy packing pictures after cool musician shots. I’ll start over now… Rock Stars are everywhere in this book! This is your inside source to find out how to be (and pack) like a rock star.

The Book

how to pack like a rock star tshirt

Wanna look sexy and knowledgeable while still being comfortable?

Cause obviously nothing says ‘brainiac’ like a super soft american apparel shirt that says how to pack like a rock star… really there’s nothing quite like it… well I suppose there are other tshirts using the same fabric but somehow I think this one is still significantly better.


how to pack like a rock star luggage tags

Don’t add coloured ribbons to your luggage, add a super fun bag tag!

Now you can not only differentiate your bag from another person’s bag but you can also show them how much more of a professional packer you are. I give you free reign to have a slightly smug look on your face as you pull your bags off the luggage belt while knowing very well that others are looking at your and your tags and questioning how they can become a pro-elite-packer like you.

Luggage Tags

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