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I just got back from a little getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon, with my wife and I was reminded of the many things you can actually bring with you when you are driving instead of flying! I pride myself in being pretty efficient when it comes to my suitcase but apparently driving to the beach means, “Load it up with all I got!” Also, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I may have laughed at in the last ten years or so for packing too much… I ended up bringing a surf board, a skim board, a soccer ball, a football, baseball and glove, tennis racquets and a Frisbee. Oh and a kite. This is of course on top on my regular luggage. BUT, I had the room in my car so…

I also brought this great book with me (that I had signed at a book gathering last month by the great, Chris Guillebeau) and I was so excited to read it! That is until I thought of the embarrassed that it could bring to me if I didn’t use everything single sporting item I packed into my car, at least once! I just had to make sure they all got their fair share of play time. And long story short, that’s how I ran the 100 meter dash in under 10 seconds flat… it was the only way to get my kite off the ground on (the first ever) windless day at Cannon Beach… but I used it still, right?! This picture was taken during my peaceful, yet still fully panting, 10 minute recovery period.

Moral of this story of What To Pack To The Beach? Pack anything you want or can; don’t let yourself be caught unprepared for an adventure! I know this goes against my general rule of never taking along with you more than you absolutely need, BUT if you use (or wear) everything you pack, then NO ONE can say anything to you about packing less next time!

So pack it and use it… or lose it!

That’s my story at least, what’s yours?

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Comments (3)

  • Nick


    I too am a huge proponent of taking only what I absolutely need (and sometimes less and buying band merch to make up the difference), but the one item I’ve taken on every trip but never used is an extra pair of glasses. I’m pretty blind without them, and whether flying or driving, I’d be stuck if I lost or broke my glasses.

    This week I spent one night out of town for work and found my bag way over packed, but we were also driving. So I went with it. Work travel forces me to look PROFESSIONAL. That’s such a pain when packing.


  • shuberts


    haha sooo true, especially when dealing with suits and ties and sport coats… but it just adds more of a challenge right?!


  • Rachel Richmod


    Personally I always pack my own teabags but that’s a Brit for you! Good to see ya at Thriftys :)


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