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So a couple more products were sent to me just to round out my Olixar experience, one of them being the X2 Pro Bluetooth headphone set and the other a waterproof case for smart phones. Both of these seem quite practical to me, the headphones because they’re one less item to plug into my computer or phone while traveling, and the waterproof case because who has the time to stop texting during your shower, right? So this week I’m going to talk about the headphones, the good, the bad, and how I can or cannot live without them.

The first thing I noticed after opening up the package and holding onto the headphones was the weight. Super light. I’m fairly old school at times, so i get nervous when I expected things to be heavy and they aren’t, but in the case of headphones, things that sit and weigh down your head, this is a really great thing. You have to remember that I’m a musician first and foremost and a bass player at that, so my amps I play through are massive, and only recently have I been excited to shed those large suckers for a more portable little guy… for a smaller local show at least. Back to the headphones. So aside from being light, the wireless/cordless function is pretty nice. How many times have you had headphones on and forgot to unplug them before you get up and almost strangle yourself or better yet clothesline yourself as you’re about to jump out of the tour van. It’s a rhetorical question, but just for the sake of it, it’s 17 times and counting for me. So yes, it’s a definite plus for me to go wireless. They also come with an 1/8th to 1/8th inch cable to plug it in still, for when you actually want to go old school.

Aside from good looking, another nice feature is the built in microphone for receiving phone calls. One click of a button on the side of the headset and you are good to walk and talk away (assuming you were hooked up via bluetooth to your smart phone to begin with that is :) Plus, the fit and comfort is pretty good; I’ve had them on my head listening to music the whole time I’ve been writing this blog and I’m not getting that itch to shake my head and remove them… like I get while wearing hats at times. Also going back to the buttons on the headset, they work well for a simple pairing with your device also well as work to skip back and forth between songs. Oh, and they also fold up nicely so needless to say I like that feature for the sheer sake of portability and travel.

So how is the sound quality? First of all I must remind you again that I am not your average consumer of headphones. I don’t often by generic headphones and I don’t even think I’ve used the classic white iPhone headphones. Maybe cause those white headphones don’t fit my ears and hurt me, but more likely because I have a couple different pairs of special, custom-fitting in-ear monitors from some really expensive companies that I needed for touring. My first pair cost me $1200 back in the day. Yikes. They’ve come a long way since then and there are some pretty decent sounding headphones for much less these days. These ones, the Olixar X2 Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, aren’t too bad. Definitely not the best sound quality I’ve heard, but for their price, not too bad. There’s a fair amount of bass and it’s a decent warm timbre overall, but I wouldn’t use them to master an album. I find that a lot of headphones companies try and sell you on big lows and some highs and forget about the mids. I just want a nice balanced mix. But again, for just a casual listening while walking around or commuting downtown on transit, they’re totally is passable.


So overall, I have to admit, despite the many features I enjoy, I’m still not in love with these headphones. I think there is a lot to like about the X2’s, including the weight, the headset buttons, and of course the wireless option with the built in mic, but overall as far as main functionality goes (headphones that play music, remember) I’m pretty sure I’d miss a better sounding set of headphones still. I’ll use them still, just not as my main set. Now maybe it’s a little unfair that I’m comparing them to my really nice pair of professional in-ears, but at the same time, it’s totally fair since anyone can also buy customs, they’re not exclusive to me! And I do also have a pair of (somewhat) cheaper earbuds that I pack with me when I don’t want my really nice ones and I feel I’d pull those out too before this headset. That’s me though, always preferring to be a bit more inconspicuous with a hidden pairs of earbuds rather than have a bigger set of over the ear headphones. So maybe a different argument here, but for me, I still prefer to choice my headphones based on sound quality first and then maybe style second.


But how do you feel about headphones versus earbuds? What do you travel with? Do you need the big bass and the big headset or do you care more about portability? Or sound quality tops all that? Let me know your thoughts!


Happy travels my friends,



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